Chicago Community Prepares for the Fall

Chicago Community Meeting
Chicago Community Meeting

For their July meeting and in preparation for covenanting this October, the Chicago Community will share their reflections on how they involve themselves in the charism, life and mission of the Passionist Congregation. In preparation for this, Father Sebastian passed out notes from the 46th General Chapter on the same. Members might want to look at four possible levels: life, action, theological exchange and religious experience.

Last night seven Chicago Partners met at their usual spot, Cucina Biagio in Harwood heights for their June meeting. After a meal together each shared what has been happening in their lives since they last met. Dan presented on “Meetup” and this community blog hoping to answer any questions members had and to encourage more usage of both. “These are two ways of letting people know we exist and are meeting” Dan said.

Dan encourage members to think about a meeting this Fall, where we would collaborate with other Meetup or similarly concerned groups regarding caring for the earth. He suggested Fr. Joe Mitchell C.P. presenting a session on cosmology or environmental concerns that we could podcast for use by other partners’ communities.

Fr. Peter wondered if we were in contact with a group of former seminarians who have been meeting over the years and who he thought were planning a meeting in Louisville this coming Fall. “We aren’t” Dan said, “but hope through the blog to make a connection with them in the future and hopefully join together to further the work and mission of the Partners.”

Penny asked all members to raise their hands while she prayed a blessing over Father Peter as he prepares to leave us and join the Passionist Community in Detroit, his home town. “We wish you gods speed and promise our continued prayers and support” Penny prayed. “Detroit is a lucky to be getting such a wise and loyal member” said Mary Kay “we’ll miss you.”

The meeting ended with a prayer session using the daily prayer for today from the Jesuit Media Initiatives podcast “pray-as-you-go”.

A New Chapel Page for our Blog

Welcome this week to our new online chapel. Fundamental to the Passionists’ way of life is prayer and meditation, especially on the cross of Jesus. In this virtual chapel, we invite you to voice your personal needs and concerns as well as to share the fruits of your meditation on the Cross. You enter the Chapel by clicking on “Chapel” above. Once there, you can enter any and all your prayer requests by clicking on “Leave a comment”. You also might want to share a reflection on the Cross, especially as you see it being experienced in our world today by again clicking on “Leave a comment” or by commenting on someone else’s share. Finally, this would also be a good place to share how your community prays when you come together. You can share this by again, clicking on “Leave a comment”.