Six Steps to Reduce Violence

Vow of Nonviolence



I hope you’re better at keeping New Year’s resolutions than I am. Realizing Christmas is a time of hope, this coming New Year’s Eve I will try once more with a resolve to, if not actually grow in non-violence, at least to daily remind myself how I can better do that in my life. I will do that by printing out a copy of Pax Christi’s “Vow of Nonviolence”, post that on the bulletin board near my desk and daily read the six suggested steps to accomplish this in my life, when I sit at my desk, before I do anything else. I invite you to join with me in taking Pax Christi’s “Vow of Nonviolence”. You can get a copy by clicking on the above link.

Peace and love to you and your loved ones this Christmas Season and throughout 2016.