by James Paulin

Priceless yet free

Invisible solid reality

A fresh point of view

Encounter all things anew

Keeping Faith constantly

When it’s hard to cope

Shout “throw a life rope!”

Come trouble and trial

Or you just cannot smile

Don’t give up Hope

Borne on a dove

A gift from above

Inside your heart

Never to part

God is Love

Three equal sides in unity

Triangular symbol of Divinity

Listen as to a shepherds call

Believe in each one, depend on all

Make Faith, Hope and Love…your trinity

Heaven’s Gate


Heaven's Gate

by James Paulin (September, 2007)

Scarlet, black and green

Washed as white as snow

All that’s done is seen

Yet its you God wants to know


All nations are still desired

Every hair is accounted for

No matter what’s transpired

Open to His knock upon the door


Seek a home inside

There is a well within

Where only truths reside

The keys to let you in


From a twinkle in an eye

Everyone is meant for peace

When born we start to die

Love for all will never cease