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About Us

Mission Statement

We are a risen people who gratefully witness to the signs of the cross in our lives. We are a community of laymen and laywomen who, with vowed Passionists, seek to share in the charism of St. Paul of the Cross through prayer, ongoing spiritual formation, and proclamation of the message of Christ Crucified. Yes, we tell the story of Jesus, but we also tell our own, often painful stories. We do not see ourselves as victims, but as gifted with a life experience that brought us gratefully and joyfully to this day sharing in the redemptive actions of God.



We are a community of individuals on our own personal spiritual journeys who covenant to support each other as we strive to keep alive the memory of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus in the world of today. We believe and firmly support our Professed brothers in the expression of what this means.

“This entails a loving commitment to follow Jesus Crucified, and a generous resolve to proclaim His Passion and death with faith and love. His Passion and death are no mere historical events. They are ever-present realities to people in the world of today, ‘crucified’ as they are by injustice, by the lack of a deep respect for human life, and by a hungry yearning for peace, truth, and the fullness of human existence.” (Passionist Constitution, Paragraph 65)

CPP members consider that the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are pivotal events in the history of the world. Our lives are empowered with a “Passion for Life.” We express this by authentically committing ourselves to live the Passionist charism with our friends, family and all whom we encounter in life. We try to keep ourselves aware and mindful of those in our midst who are marginalized and in most need of compassion, forgiveness and love. We respond to each other and to all people in our midst with a sense of compassion and love; this is the basis for our community.

The only requirement for membership is a continued commitment to becoming a more compassionate person through ongoing prayer, study and meditation on and identification with the Passion of the Jesus of history as well as with the poor, oppressed and suffering in our world today.


Nashville Presents Cross to Bishop David Choby.

Presentation of CrossSeminarians, Bishop and PartnersPrayer over cross

Nashville Community Celebrates Black History Month with St. Vincent dePaul Community November 8, 2015


Nashville Community September 14, 2015 Dedication of the May Coffee Stations of the Cross.


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Chicago Monthly Meeting

The Chicago Community of Passionist Partners meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month. For details click on the “RSVP” below. If you want to join the meeting, sign up, we would love to have you.


14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. The CPP community in San Antonio has a tradition of celebrating a Seder Meal, like Jesus celebrated at the last supper, video available Also we celebrate Posadas on Christmas, in song in Spanish asking for lodging as Joseph and Mary did.
    Ricardo A. Riojas, MD

  2. At our CPP meeting here in Houston yesterday, we talked about this new blog (great idea, Dan, and glad you have it going). We disagree that “the only requirement for membership (as stated above……). We think that only Catholic Christians can be CPP’s. What do others think?

    Bob Bovenzi, C.P. and CPP

    1. That doesn’t sound very Passionist to me. I grew up in a Passionist Parish, I attended the Passionist minor seminary and I’ve continued to associate with Passionists all my life. I’ve never known them to limit their connections or partnerships to solely Catholics.

      1. We need to meet and talk about all of this as a community.

    1. I think it would behoove us to worry more about being inclusive rather than worry about identifying those who don’t belong. I hear Buddhists are very compassionate.

      1. Like the idea and the move towards inclusion in the last statement form passionistpartners.
        I wish your group focus, health and joy along your journey as a group. I am sure you will also find a way to help others. Congrats to you all.

  3. WHEN is the small spirit of exclusion-ism going to be eradicated?
    We should look at hearts and not “tickets” such as buddhist and Lord Help us “Catholic Christians” …
    The word Catholic means U N I V E R S A L
    HOW is the small spirit of exclusion-ism going to be eradicated?
    By hearts open to the fact that we are ALL sinners and in need of God’s Love. Only His Love can make us love in return.
    May the Love of Christ infuse our hearts to love one and all.

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