Mom Says: Nothing is Impossible!

I’m not sure my brother Terry remembers it, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. Terry was struggling with one of the large storm windows he had just washed, trying to hang it on the hooks meant to keep it in place. Our mother was at the foot of the step ladder, encouraging and giving advice when Terry finally blurted out: “This is impossible, mom, it just won’t fit!” Mom told Terry to come down off the ladder. When he and the window were safely back on terra firma, she took the window in her hands, climbed the ladder and as she set it on the hooks said: “Nothing is impossible!”

To this day, I still believe nothing is impossible, even when it comes to solving the problems of violence in our city, the loss of jobs despite the ever-increasing availability of goods, or the isolation so many of us feel living in our megalopolis. Kirsten Dirksen, a Harvard graduate and co-founder of faircompanies tells another story of overcoming the impossible in today’s YouTube selection. While it’s in Spanish, there are subtitles. I hope you can enjoy it.

Author: CPP

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