We Continue to Tell the Story

We Continue to Tell the Story

Dan O'Donnell
Dan O’Donnell

“…can we make sure that they did not die in vain? Could we be inspired by what happened, and take a stand for a world in which every life matters?” (Melissa Fleming from above TED Talk)

As Americans we like to talk about not letting our sisters and brothers who have been killed in war, die in vain. Every national holiday we remember these people and make promises like: “We will keep the lamp of liberty and justice burning for all”. Does that “for all” include refugees like Massa and Doaa whose story Ms. Fleming tells so eloquently?

As Passionists we believe in the power of prayer and remembering. We believe praying is the most powerful way to change ourselves. By keeping alive the memory of the passion of Jesus, especially as we see it being lived out today in the lives of real 21st Century people, i.e. veterans and refugees, we will become compassionate people.  This is why we continue to tell the story.

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