My Favorite Telling of the Jesus Story

My Favorite Telling of the Jesus Story

Dave O'Donnell
Dave O’Donnell

The Celtic Cross depicts my favorite representation of the Jesus story. Catholics prefer the cross with the body of Jesus Christ hanging on it, while Protestants prefer a plain cross with no corpus. The cross with the corpus implies the idea of example. The plain cross suggests there is room for you to see yourself there.

The Celtic Cross has many images on its face implying we all have a cross we are burdened with. At the intersection where the beams meet in the center is the circle of life that surrounds and intersects the cross members. This suggests to me that life’s embrace of my cross is at the center of my life, and is essential to my salvation story.

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  1. Nice job, Dave – as usual. Moving words and thoughts in as few words as possible – fantastic. The economy is amazingly beautiful …..

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