My Prayer

My Prayer

Dave O'Donnell
Dave O’Donnell

Saint Augustine of Hippo in (354 – 430 A.D.) started a spiritual quest that would last his lifetime and lead him to become a priest, bishop and doctor of the church with a very unusual prayer: “Lord make me pure and holy, but not yet.” He later summed us his life’s work with a piece of advice. (He gave a lot of advice, directions and explanations) “Love and do what you will.” His prayer and his consequential advice seem to me to be compatible and easily flow one into the other.

I am about to celebrate my seventieth birthday and as I look over my life I think I have often had the same prayer. Make me holy God eventually, but for now, I can wait. Who knew it would work?

I think I’m holy now but maybe you think I couldn’t be because I’m obviously conceited you’re finding it hard to see my self-defining humility. Well, I’m claiming to have learned and put into practice non-judgment. In viewing the world and myself without judgment I see a unity and holiness in the world and myself I had no idea existed.

What a beautiful sight to look upon my enemy and realize that’s his problem.

My prayer: Thank You Jesus!

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  1. Simply and beautifully stated …. and moving, as always …. for this, and other reasons, I admire you so, Dave …..

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