This Week’s Posts April 2, 2015

Father Sebastian McDonald, C.P.
Father Sebastian McDonald, C.P.

Want to Read a Good Book?
…He led a life that was a page-turner in the bible, as it began to shine with a new light penetrating, and, eventually, obliterating the darkness. For He came to deal with the sin issue head on; of course, He also came because He loved us…

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Dave O'Donnell
Dave O’Donnell

We Are Risen
I believe there is nothing that Jesus claimed about Himself, that he did not ascribe to each and every one of us. In Jesus’ resurrection He is telling …

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Dan O'Donnell
Dan O’Donnell

Father Forgive Them
Sometimes I sit and think, “What a great person I am. I pray and meditate every day. I give to my church and support causes I believe in (sometimes). I smile at my neighbors and say good morning… Then I hear a story like Anand Giridharadas’ in today’s TED Talk selection.

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