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Father Sebastian McDonald, C.P.
Father Sebastian McDonald, C.P.

Deliver us from Evil

To be under-estimated has its own advantages. Not only did Caesar’s heavily-armored legions benefit by being dismissed as a slow-moving military force, so did General Wolfe’s English troops fighting the French forces of General Montcalm during the battle of Quebec,

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Dave O'Donnell
Dave O’Donnell

Are You Worthy?

He says seek and you fill find, ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be open, worthiness is not the issue…

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Dan O'Donnell
Dan O’Donnell

Nick Gore

Our local news ran this story about a former drug addict,Nick Gore who has turned his life around and is now giving back to the community one $1.87 bag at a time. Hope you find it as inspiring as I do and pass it on.

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