Scripture Reflection for Sunday February 8, 2015

Scripture Reflection for Sunday February 8, 2015

Dave O'Donnell
Dave O’Donnell

In this Sunday’s epistle, Paul tells us He has an obligation to preach the gospel. The question I propose in this post is, an obligation to whom? The answer must be to God in the form of Jesus whom he talks to. In the gospel Jesus tells His disciples that the purpose He has come for is to preach. Both Paul and Jesus, at their own word have been given a task by God.


I believe each of us has been given a task by God to work on for our benefit as well as that of all mankind. It is very similar to Paul and Jesus. Wouldn’t life be easier if we knew what that task was with the confidence that Jesus and Paul had?


We often hear advice to face our fears. Fear can be a message from destiny pointing out your challenge, talent or direction. My oldest brother tells a story of how fearful and nervous he became upon meeting a stranger in a bowling alley on the opposing team. She was later to become his wife. A great actor Sir Laurence Olivier is know to get so nervous and fearful before every performance he throws up.


If fear is pointing out your destiny, passion I believe, will fuel it. If you add a measure of faith and you can identify your task to offer the world and at the same time give your life purpose.


We were all created in the image and likeness of Jesus the Christ. When Jesus says pick up your cross daily and follow me, He is asking his brother to follow Him. We act as if we’ve been asked by a superior god figure so beyond yourself that is

impossible. Is that Jesus you fear? What would happen if you faced your fears? I believe you would be embracing your life.

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