Partners’ Forum

Partners’ Forum

IMG_0027My dear Friends,

 I wish to each and all of you a joyful Christmas!  May the birth of Jesus bring to each of us great happiness and peace.  The gift of Jesus lying there in the crib will draw loving smiles and affection from the little ones.  Rightly so! Those of us who have been around a few more years (!) will also have great affection, joy and gratitude for Jesus. 

 Friendship is something that bonds us together.  You and I know that friendship is a precious gift.   Yes, look at your husband, look at your wife.  Yes, look at your Mom and Dad.  Yes, look at your kids.   Yes, look at your brother and sister.  Yes, look at Grandma and Grandpa.  Married couples know that their friendship has been sealed…”through better and for worse,…for richer and for poorer, …in health  and in sickness.”  And our divine friend, Jesus, said “greater love than this no one has but that he lay down his live for his friends.”  How wonderful that some of us can appreciate that his precious gift of friendship continues to grow deep within us as we mark another year of growing friendship with Him. 

Signs of friendship continue to grow.  That outstretched hand or arm is offered to keep us from falling.   That wheelchair will assure us that we will get to where we want to go…maybe a bit slower but surely moving.  Some of us in fact might be recalling Jesus saying, “Come on, take up your cross and let’s walk together.”  What a great source of encouragement and friendship on his part. 

Life here in Detroit in our Passionist Community adds up to about a year and five months.  It’s been good.  Well, there have a few challenges along the way.  …

Each and all of you will be in my prayers.  I owe each and all of you many, many thanks. Do continue to keep me in your prayers.  May each and all of us step into the New Year of 2015 with joy and hope along with our loved ones and friends.

My love and prayers,

 Fr. Peter

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  1. Merry Christmas Fr. Peter and Thank You for your very nice post to the Blog. I pray that you experience the peace and love of Jesus in all that you do.

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