We Need to Tell the “Right” Story

We Need to Tell the “Right” Story


In this TED Talk, Karen Thompson Walker tells us that we must tell the “right” story if we are going to live. The story we Passionists tell is the story of the Cross.

I am often reluctant to tell that story even when I believe it is the one that needs to be told. For instance, daily following the News, I hear or read about someone who acts out of fear rather than compassion. I share that story, merely retelling what I’ve read or heard. I seldom relate these News items to the fear of the people being reported upon. I almost never suggest that maybe if they followed Jesus’ way, the results would have been different. Of course, I don’t need to watch the news to find examples of the wrong story being told. I can simply reflect on my own actions to see I often do the same.


As Ms. Walker so well demonstrates in this talk, we must tell the right story. Doing that, will lead to “right” action.


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