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Partners’ Forum


Scripture Reflection for Sunday
November 30
by Dave O’Donnell

IMG_0035The operative word in this Sunday’s Gospel selection (MK 13: 33-37) is “Watch”. It has much in common with words like knock, ask and see. To a person who believes in an accessible God, “listen” another important word, has a potential not available to someone who doesn’t.


When I was a younger more troubled fellow with a lot more questions, my prayers were often answered, I believed by God, but in the words of a friend’s casual comment or maybe by a song on the radio. I was given direction by co-incidence that came across to me as spirit filled advice. I believe we are all in the palm of God’s hands and our prayers are answered but it takes faith to hear the answer.


I am a more mature and peaceful person today but God still answers my prayers with power that can shock me. I find if I give thanks immediately after my prayers, if I’m in a state of appreciation, the answer comes clearer and faster. I am in constant dialogue with myself. When I make room for God in that dialogue that’s called prayer.


The novelist Flannery O’Conner said: “Faith is what someone knows to be true, whether they believe it or not”. I know that God answers prayer but when I believe it, everything changes.


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