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After Things
by Jim Paulin



Out of night swelter, rain

Out of Spring mud, grain

Out of bitter cold, May

Out of dawns’ mist, day

Out of gloom, World Light

Out of storms, rainbows bright

Out of clouds, sky blue

Out of seeking, Lord YOU

Scripture Reflection for Sunday, October 26, 2014

by Dave O’Donnell

IMG_0035Last week I asked what are the commandments Jesus gave us as opposed to the those Moses gave us. This Sunday’s Gospel selection gives us the first two which I believe are the paradigm for all of life: Love God with all your mind, heart and soul; two, love your neighbor as yourself. The other commandments give us a formula to carry these out and how to love life and embrace it more fully even the most difficult aspects of it like our crosses.


Love does not judge it tries to understand and help if possible. Love forgives always and does not carry the burden of resentment or grudges. Those two are best demonstrated by a mother’s love for her child as well as the best example of how we should treat our neighbor. These commandments are about how we should relate to life. Pick up our cross daily and follow Jesus. Embrace life even our crosses. What are the other commandments or are there other commandments?

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  1. “Embrace life … even our crosses”. Yes, I too, believe this to be so. Without pain or suffering, I feel, there cannot be growth as a person, as a human being, or as a Christian. Even though we will experience some pain and sorrow during those tough times, they can never compare with what our Lord Jesus Christ suffered to redeem us.

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