Partners’ Forum

Partners’ Forum

Reflection for Sunday Gospel October 12, 2014

(MT 22:1-14)

IMG_0035The hall was filled with the bad and the good—all were welcomed and able to stay, just the one not properly attired and unable to say why he was without a wedding garment, had to leave bound hand and foot.


Why? What does this wedding garment he lacked amount to or consist of? (Your answer to this question will be informed by your image of god). The fact that he could not respond or speak on his own behalf says to me that prayer or recognition of any God, Life, Truth, Love is what he lacked,


I believe the wedding garment is the wardrobe of the Holy Spirit. Being born again in the Spirit is leaving behind the notion of the superiority of the ego and embracing the radical interdependence in and with the All. The mystery is there is only one of us—Paul calls this the Mystical Body of Christ. Only after the ego is tamed and put in its proper place is it possible to recognize the vast mystery of life, to embrace all of Life and to appreciate the feast.

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