Partners’ Forum

Partners’ Forum

Too Expensive
by James Paulin

 JpaulinFor the few who have fortunes to draw upon, it is not surprising to hear of mansion style homes, gala parties, super cars, yachts and much more. As for common folk, we may be able to afford some comforts in life or maybe just have enough to survive or perhaps not even that. One thing that is beyond the reach of even the wealthiest person or the poorest person is still obtainable for all who would accept it openly.


When a crime is committed, the law of the land demands fair and equal punishment. Commonly referred to as paying the price for breaking the law, justice is served as a trail is heard, sentence is given and time and /or restitution are completed in full. There is but one sacrifice that is possible, in atonement, which is acceptable to God for purification of our sins against His laws. This sacrifice cannot be purchased with treasures or earned with good or great deeds. It is a gift of God for everyone.


When Jesus agonized about the horrors He was about to begin, He made a decision to pour His blood out into a saving cup to be shared by all regardless of wealth, status or worthiness. The only condition is they must accept the gift of God’s only Son.


Gospel for Sunday September 7, 2014
Reflection by Dave O’Donnell


IMG_0035When two agree in prayer, Jesus tell us it shall be granted by our heavenly Father for where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst. In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples: “Whatever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Earlier in Matthew’s gospel, when Jesus says the same thing specifically to Peter, the church understands it to be the initiation and beginning of the church itself. (When Jesus tells the disciples) Now, He’s making the same statement (promise) to all his disciples (those who wish to follow Him)


It is through love of neighbor that our journey to God is revealed. When we take Jesus’ promise seriously it places a burden on your heart, we know our actions have consequences.


In my life, believing this and doing this has been an antidote for depression.

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  1. “It is through love of neighbor that our journey to God is revealed …” I couldn’t agree more … beautiful sentiments and thoughts from a ‘beautiful’ person ….

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