Shai Reshef on the University of the People

Shai Reshef on the University of the People


A professor friend of mine at a local university left administration last year, because he loves and wants to teach. Today he shared with me that he spent the day in a faculty meeting where he was told that it was his responsibility to populate his classes and if he didn’t he should expect to lose his position. He teaches at a private university where they estimate tuition for a four year program to be $80,000.


In contrast to this Shai Reshef founded a way to make higher education accessible to millions more people through his University of the People. He has here, I think, the answer to today’s problem of the ever-increasing cost of higher education. He presents a model I believe, we as Passionist Partners should pursue in our attempt to open the gates to every one who wants to learn and share what it means to be a compassionate person. Using UoPeople’s methods, we could establish an accredited course of studies in an area that is badly needed today and totally in line with the Passionists’ Charism, i.e. living a compassionate life.


Click here to see another short video on How U of People works.

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  1. Hi Evan, Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I (and I suspect the other contributors) really appreciate hearing from you. If you have any suggestions or would like to post something, please do, and if you don’t that’s fine too. Thanks again for your regular responses and words of encouragement.

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