Real Time Revelation



by James Paulin

Life unfolds to each a story

some abruptly end, a glimmer

some rich, full and prosperous

slow burning as if enchanted


Beware love of length of days

as reward unto itself

infinity outlasts all mortal things

seconds are as ages


Look beyond your moment

imagine being as the sun

warming life as it refreshes

energizing everyone


Importance of the weakest

to each a significance

conceived with purpose

equality too obvious to see


Gifts to all, enlightened or not

unto one as unto the whole

living sea flowing in eternity

created to freely love itself

Author: CPP

We are a community of laymen and laywomen who, with vowed Passionists, seek to share in the charism of St. Paul of the Cross through prayer, ongoing spiritual formation, and proclamation of the message of Christ Crucified.

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