Deploy or Die!

Deploy or Die!


Do you remember what life was like before the Internet—you know, when we needed millions of dollars, MBAs, prototypes, RFP’s (Request for Proposals), proposals and most importantly clout and the giant (Goliath) corporation to make things happen?


In today’s TED talk Joi Ito shares how he found himself far from his wife and family when an earthquake hit off the Japanese coast. As a result of that earthquake a nuclear reactor exploded 200 kilometers from his home. He worried that his family was in danger and desperately wanted to know what the radiation count was near them. The regular means of getting information, i.e. corporations and government, where not available or willing to help.


His response I believe is a model of how we might want to respond to our world today. The large corporations and institutions while accomplishing unbelievable feats of production and distribution are often incapable of responding to individuals. Oh, they think they can through their market research and customer polls, but when it comes to answering a question like Joi’s that is a little out of the ordinary, they fail miserably.


I wonder what would happen if we as Passionist Partners followed Joi’s lead and used the Interned to connect with others who believe that in all this war, injustice, pain and suffering, poverty, there is an answer, a way to live life fully and in harmony with all peoples? What would happen if we shared our real discoveries (not academic distillations of them) and dared to live as Christians, Jews, Muslims Buddhists, Hindus…?

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