Are You a Good Leader?

Are You a Good Leader?


Simon Sinek in this TED Talk asks: “Would you be upset if we gave Mother Teresa a $250,000,000.00 Bonus?” He doesn’t think so and explains why. He also explains why such bonuses to some CEO’s in industry would not elicit the same reaction in most of us.


I couldn’t help but think of Pope Francis as Sinek describes good leadership. Sinek gives us a number of examples of good leaders and tells us the obvious, i.e. the leader goes first, she takes risks. The one characteristic however that struck me the most was, we sleep well when we trust the leaders in our tribe.


Passionist Partners, like our patron saint, St. Paul of the Cross, take leadership roles in their Church. That leadership is not one so much of rank as example of living compassionate lives, identifying with the outcasts, the oppressed and marginalized of our communities.

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