Remember Man…

Remember Man…


by James Paulin

An artistic approach is desired in all forms of creative expression. One of the lesser known professions in these pursuits is that of the automotive design sculptor. Many are unaware that since very early in the history of automobile development, scale and full size models were, and still are made in clay for the various products to experiment with during the inventive process. Traditionally this work has been done by talented professionals, usually with some background or ability in art. Any sculpture should have appeal as a statement and even though designs vary wildly, aesthetics are all important. Automobiles are frequently described as objects of beauty or sometimes as ugly as sin. Great design looks appealing and exciting, a marriage of form and function in the case of a product. Automotive designers and sculptors work together to breath life into their artwork, many times succeeding in implying powerful motion even when the design is motionless. Visual messages are intrinsic to any sculpture, from Michelangelos’ Pieta to the Brooklyn Bridge.


Surprisingly, the first clay sculpture was executed by God himself as mentioned in the book of Genesis, 2:7. “And then the Lord God formed man from the clay of the earth, and he breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” God created us in a divine design that was physical, intellectual and spiritual and did so that His creation would have the ability to know him and serve him but not out of control like robots, but out of love which is freely given, received and returned. The artistry of Gods design is rendered with impeccable aesthetics as history played out the act of redemptive forgiveness that raises everyone to the state of purity needed to be in His presence, the sacrificial gift of the Lamb of God, Jesus, sent to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. Unlike product design, even timeless classics, God created a beautiful work of His own hand meant for eternal union with the source of all love.

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  1. James I knew you were gifted in sculpting autos, but I never realized how gifted you were in “sculpting” written works of art! I’ve enjoyed every article that you’ve written and thank you for the contribution you are making.

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