St. Paul of the Cross–Pray for Us

St. Paul of the Cross–Pray for Us

 St. Paul of the Cross

by James Paulin

Saint Paul of the Cross, your devotion to the passion of Jesus
is an invitation to an intimate bond sealed in the grace of God.
The Lamb of God freely submitted to the scourging, the crown of thorns
and the nails of the cross to offer His love to us in a divine sacrifice
and His wounds heal us. Your words still speak to us of the way to follow.
Call us toward the path to Calvary where we place our hopes and fears.
Here, beneath the cross, I know that even if it were just for me,
the Good Shepherd would give His life to allow us to be
together forever as we are redeemed into His triumph over death.
Keep the memory of the passion in our minds and help us to see
the passion in suffering everywhere.
Guide us in choices, relying on the spirit of God’s unconditional love.

Pray for us.

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