True Compassion Leads to Action

This video is the first I’ve heard of the Human Rights Channel.  After watching it, I Googled them to find out who they were. That took me to where I not only learned about who they are, but I also learned how I can participate. They have training videos. I learned that while cell phones can be used, a camcorder along with a tri-pod and an external microphone will do a much better job. Now, I doubt that you’ll find me out in the middle of a demonstration or even documenting human rights abuses, that’s just not the world I live in. Or is it? I’ll never forget the morning I woke up seeing lights flashing over the ceiling in my bedroom and hearing “pops” in the street. I got up, looked down on the street below and saw police cars all around, with police in the street, guns drawn and shooting at a car which had ended up on the sidewalk. This was in Lincoln Park, a supposedly a low-crime area of Chicago. In the car, I later learned there was a man of a minority group, the kind you normally don’t find in that neighborhood, who was shot and killed—all this in front of my eyes. When this event hit the papers, I read quite a different story from what I thought I saw. I am not a trained observer and I salved my conscience with that bit of knowledge. Today, I wish I’d had a camera. I could have recorded what took place and sent it to the above Internet web site.

I am not against the police, I am not against Democrats, Republicans or any government. I realize they are like me, just simple people trying to do the best they can with the limited knowledge they have. I am for people, people everywhere. The simple beauty of this Human Rights Channel, i.e. “See it; Film it; Change it” gives me a tool I can use to help make my world a more compassionate one.  I will probably stick to issues like we’ve been covering in this blog thus far, but who knows? Maybe with the new tools of camera, tripod and microphone, I’ll awaken to a world different from the beautiful one I see on the major media channels where all is taken care of just by buying a new car, eating at the right restaurant or wearing the right clothes.

Author: CPP

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