A Day with Fr. Alex C.P.

A Day with Fr. Alex C.P.

Kenny Schmitt
Kenny Schmitt

Kenny Schmidt of the Nashville Community offers the following reflection on Peace and Social Dialogue from his community’s day of sharing with Father Alex Steinmiller C.P.

1. Time is greater than space

Work slow but sure

Immersion takes time

Keep willing to share together

2. Unity prevails over conflict

Unity can harmonize


Peace comes through the blood of the Cross

3. Realities more important than idea

Must put what we say into practice

Don’t mask reality

4. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Trusting daily in God’s province

Surrendering each day to God’s will

Intrinsic principle of totality

5. Daily framework for our actions





6. Question from Father Alex to each of us…

“Do I have time set aside daily to listen to God?”

It only takes 60 seconds to ask yourself two questions…

“What do I want to say to Jesus?”

“What does Jesus want to say to me?”

Father Alex finished discussion with a quote from St. Paul…

“My greatest strength comes from my weakness”

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