Choose Life!

Post traumatic stress power—games can help us deal with traumatic stress! Can that possibly be true? In this 20 minute video, Jane McGonigal shows us how we can garner strength and a new zest for life through trauma. Of course she is not suggesting that we go out and create some traumatic stress to achieve this, but she is suggesting what Passionists have for the past three hundred plus years been telling us, i.e. trauma is part of our lives—it’s not meant to “do us in”, but to make us stronger, to help us choose life!

After watching this, I made my 2014 New Year’s resolution. Actually, realizing I rarely followed through for any length of time with such resolutions I quit doing this years ago but I’m going to try again, I’m making a resolution—I’m going to play more games.

Author: CPP

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