Loneliness and Social Media

Loneliness and Social Media

In the above video, Shimi Cohen reflects on “The Innovation of Loneliness”. He says things like: “I share, therefore, I am…We’re faking experiences…If we are not able to be alone, we will always be lonely.”

These are not new thoughts for members of the Community of Passionist Partners. I suspect they are not new thoughts for any true member of every live (as opposed to virtual) community. In live community we experience each other as we truly are, not the edited refined versions we present on social media. This experience can range anywhere from pleasant to disaster and so communities come up with rituals and accepted ways (manners) of being with each other. With this blog, I hope we Partners will share the successful as well as the not so successful ways we experience each other. Yes, it will be an edited view here, but we’ll all know that the pictures and words we post are merely meant to help us be all that we can be and to grow together.

As Partners we come together because we believe in the power of following Jesus in taking up our own individual as well as collective crosses daily and following Him. We realize that we are much more effective in accomplishing this when we do it together—in community.


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