Who is Your Hero?

Who is Your Hero?

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by James Paulin

People are sometimes described in terms that are material related. Has the term plastic ever been used in reference to someone in your acquaintance? Of course, this would be the opposite of regarding someone’s personality as golden. A person who has a will of steel would be the converse of one who has the backbone of a wet noodle. Our heroes and heroines always have some if not many ingredients that make them outstanding and worthy of admiration. This makeup inspires others to strive to achieve accomplishments they once believed to be beyond their reach, all because they recognized that they too have a capacity for “the right stuff”.

The empirical of perfection of qualities in one being has to be God. Just what is God made of? It seems like an impossible question for any mortal to answer with any authority; however there are some things both rational and revealed. Powerful, spiritual, universal and beyond imagination are some traits that few would question. From the Christian perspective, including the Jewish tradition, there is a wealth of revelation. From “In the beginning, God created” to the Ten Commandments to all laws given to the chosen people to the teachings of Jesus, God is transformation by the messages of conversion of heart.

Love begets more love. It is in this simple statement there is understanding that transcends the ages and many attempts of various cultures to define god or various gods and their purpose. In the person of Jesus, Christians believe we have an enigma sent to accomplish the most graphic demonstration of unfathomable consequence on a person by person basis. God sent an only beloved son, the Word made flesh, not just to talk, not just to lead but to act with self sacrifice and harnessed astounding power, by succumbing to gruesome torture and agonizing death by crucifixion to redeem and sanctify each one of us personally. We are not condemned but rather forgiven by the right stuff beyond measure.

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