Katharine Preston

I came by this Youtube video quite by accident, but then maybe not. I read an article entitled “Mourning for the Earth” by a Katharine M. Preston. Yes, she spells her name with an “a” (I believe it should be Katherine). I enjoyed the article so much I went online to see who she was. I found this Youtube Interview and was totally taken with it. Then I wondered if this was the same Katherine. I don’t think she is, at least I couldn’t corroborate that fact.

At any rate, Katherine would make a good Partner. She may never have heard of the Passionists, but she does know the value of taking up her cross daily and following Jesus. The video is quite long, twenty-six minutes, but if you are interested in seeing the Passion of Jesus being lived today, I think you will enjoy the video and think your time well-spent.

Author: CPP

We are a community of laymen and laywomen who, with vowed Passionists, seek to share in the charism of St. Paul of the Cross through prayer, ongoing spiritual formation, and proclamation of the message of Christ Crucified.

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