The Monastic Community

The Monastic Community

This is the first of a number of blogs looking into monasteries. Why monasteries? Not just because  the Passionists live in monasteries, but more importantly, monasteries have a long history dating back thousands of years. A monastery according to Wikipedia “denotes the building or complex of buildings, comprising the domestic quarters and workplace(s) of monastics…living in community or alone (hermits). “

That of course is little reason to look into monasteries. But Pope Francis gives us a hint why this might be a valuable avenue of investigation in his visit this past week to a monastery in Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis. He says in the above video “To live in contemplation with Jesus, God and man and to lead a life in community with a  great heart enduring and forgiving…to treat one another with patience which often requires understanding…the monastery is a family even with all its problems.”

I wonder if life would be much different if we lived that way in our families and communities?

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