Almost all monastic communities, and yes the Passionist Community take a vow of poverty. In an earlier blog I referred to Sister Maureen Fiedler’s article in the National Catholic Reporter June 15 titled Traditional Vows redefined for the 21st Century. In this article she says:

“So what might a 21st-century vow look like? There are, of course, many possible answers. Someone today might embrace a “vow of sharing” (with other community members or the world at large), or a “vow to live simply” in a world overstuffed with commodities.”

Remembering that article I offer a moment of simple delight by clicking on the above Youtube video. Enjoy!

One thought on “Simplicity

  1. Thanks for the beautiful refletion on simplicity. Our lives sem to get so cluttered with thoughts and distractions, noise and physical clutter, that we forget how to live a simple life. We think we need all the trappings that the TV ads say we must have. We spemd most of our lives accumulating those things that we think we must have. Then we spend the last part of our lives trying to downsize.I attempt everyday to live a simple lifestyle. There’s not much I need and there’s not much I want. Time for prayer, friends and family are necessities. Good music, fresh air, shelter and food are also things I need. What is it that you need?

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