November Retreat?

November Retreat?

Some partners have suggested that a retreat this November for covenanting as well as planning for the coming year might be a good idea. Wednesday September 25 Chicago Partners will decide at their monthly meeting on whether they will do this. The main considerations at this point seem to be the number of days and location. In terms of cost, both options are approximately $100.00 per person per night. Costs would be less for two nights at Stronghold, depending on the number of participants. In terms of dates, the weekend of November 8th to the 10th is available at both locations.

The Chicago Partners would also like to invite friends and Partners from other communities.  If you think you might like to participate, please take a moment and tell us your preferences by clicking on “Comment” below or by taking the survey found on our Opinion Page.  This will not commit you in anyway, but merely give those deciding an idea of any interest you might have. Thank you in advance for your input.

The following is information from the options’ websites and emails they have sent.

Stronghold Conference Center's Hickory House Oregon, Illinois
Stronghold Conference Center’s Hickory House Oregon, Illinois

Stronghold Hickory House

$425.00 for one night; $375.00 for multiple nights
Sleeps up to 12
2 single beds per room, a four drawer chest, clothes hanger bar,
Also a single sink, mirror, and towel bar in bed room.
Nice great room 400 sq ft.
4 stand up showers total
2 toilet and sink areas
Full kitchen with dishes, pots, pans and etc….
Log fire place
Great views, very close to observation deck
Air Conditioned
Fire pit

Our kitchen staff prepares a terrific meal.  They also can prepare special dietary meals if needed.   There are always vegetarian options and with advance notice, we can accommodate special dietary needs.  Brubaker Center in a cafeteria style.

Meal Options

Breakfast Adult – $7.00/person/meal
Lunch Adult – $8.25
Supper Adult – $8.25

Or Hickory House does have a full kitchen that is usable for a $ 50.00 fee.



Cenacle Retreat & Conference Center, Chicago
Cenacle Retreat & Conference Center, Chicago

$98.00/per night/individual (includes meals)

The Cenacle has 20 double rooms and 40 single rooms, which includes a suite of four rooms for overnight guests. Several rooms have private bathrooms. All rooms have their own linens, towels, and sink. The building is air conditioned and has a charming garden courtyard. There are 30 parking spaces on site and inexpensive parking options nearby. Alternative parking is available three blocks away.

The Cenacle has two large meeting rooms, four mid-sized conference rooms, four small breakout rooms and three lounges, all of which have Wi-Fi capacity.

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