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San Antonio Community say farewell to Fr. Clemente
San Antonio Community say farewell to Fr. Clemente

Before leaving, Father Clemente Barron celebrated the 44th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood with the San Antonio community this June 13th. Clemente has been a faithful member of the this community for many years. We will miss Father and wish him well in his new assignment.

Willy Santiago joined the Partners making his first covenant on June 30. Along with Willy, Manolo and Lucy Razuri, Tom and Gloria Uribe, Carlos and Aurora Lopez, Raul and Dora Flores, Deacon Richard Salazar, Greg Garza and Ricardo and Beatriz Riojas renewed their covenants with the Partners.

Editorial Guidelines

In order to make clearer the goals and publishing guidelines for contributions to the blog we will spend the next couple of blogs looking at its organization and structure. Please look at the following suggested goals and let us know what you think.


To provide a forum where partners can share Partners’ news, their thoughts, opinions and ideas especially as related to keeping alive the memory of the passion of Jesus Christ

To provide collaborative online education

To become a leading resourse of information on compassion

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  1. The CPPs treasure the memory of the Sufferings of the Lord as the centerpiece of our lives. To onlookers, perhaps this orientation sounds somber and depressing. Who wants to embrace the thought of suffering as a focal point? Well, as a matter of fact, suffering is not the focal point but simply the consequence of what IS the focal point: the attainment of a goal or task one wishes to accomplish. For instance, if a prophet like Jeremiah badly wants to communicate the word of the Lord, he or she will suffer whatever consequences follow from announcing the message, should it be bad news to those hearing it. Or if one is engaged in a race, as St. Paul mentions, then one readily accepts the often tremendous effort, and exhaustion, needed to compete well. In these examples, suffering is a follow-up to what one badly wants, and so it proves acceptable. Christ died on the cross to save us all: He wanted this badly. So the CPPs treasure whatever suffering accompanies what they badly want. The secret here is: badly wanting something. And it is our faith that provides us a treasure-trove of things we should sincerely desire, and in view of which we are willing “to pay the price”.

    1. Hi Father,

      I noticed you put your comment under news. How about if we use your comment as our post or blog for this Thursday? I think it is lost under news. We could title it: The Role of Suffering in Our Lives or something like that. What do you think?

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