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Communities of Passionist Partners exist in a number of U.S. cities across the Midwest and West. As coordinator of these very different communities, I am setting up this Blog in hopes that we will all share what’s happening in our particular communities and develop significant discussions about topics of interest to us all. Realizing that this is new, I am asking for your input. You can share that input by simply posting a comment in “Leave a Reply” which is found on “About Us”.

In particular, I’m interested in bringing your concerns and suggestions to the Province Assembly this June 18 – 20.  If this works, and we get a good representation of all the communities, maybe we can continue this blog in the future helping each other grow and sharing our resources.

Thanks for joining in and Happy blogging!

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am not sure exactly you want “feedback” on. Here are the things that strike me. Because there was no instruction to overlook certain features, I will address everything that strikes me.
    First of all, the visuals:
    They do not convey “partnership” to me. Something that would communicate how partnership is at play in the world would be helpful. In regards the video, you may want to consider about having ten or twelve partners just reflect on what is meaningful for them in being a Passionist Partner.
    In terms of the Welcome text, here is what would appeal to me:
    The Community of Passionist Partners have accompanied our Passionist communities for about twenty years. As coordinator of the many communities of Passionist Partners, I am setting up this Blog in hopes that we will share what is happening in our own communities, our gatherings, our celebrations, our experience as Partners which gives testimony to the support we receive from our Partners’ community. It is also our hope to have important discussions of the issues of our day. (I am not sure if you want to include something like this: We can also share the names of those people who are near and dear to us so we can remember them in prayer.)
    I hope that this is what you were looking for.

    1. Great ideas. Thanks. I specially like the video idea. If anyone would like to make a two or thee minute video, I’d be glad to add to blog and help in the production as well.

      1. i hope that there is a good response to this blog. We need some communication tool to know what’s happening in our various communities. I know what;s happening here in Chicago, but not what’s happong in California or in Houston. Please take time to respond and to give some input.
        from Penny Jaworski
        , Chicago

  2. nvm, saw the email sent later. Btw, if we don’t require folks to be 18 we run into issues w Virtus training from my understanding. Also, our community did not agree to removing the requirement that members who covenant be Catholic, and decided not to approve the charter and its new wording for a number of other reasons. We have a lot to discuss and no way to do it without the real board meetings our original documents require us to have. Mark is our “board” liaison if you need any more info on this. Cheers all! We meet in Houston tomorrow.

  3. Hi all, What we have is what we have, so I think we need to take charege and communicate with each other via this blog. Cjicago continues to meet monthly at a nearby restaurant. We have about seven active members since the O’Malley’s moved to Hawaii. Our meetings are posted on Meetup so that others can join us if they are interested. It would be helpful to know how many members there are in each group, how often they meet and who is the contact person. Issies that are addressed by your group might be something to share so we can all give input. Please encourage Partners in your group to tune in to this blog and particpate. It would bring us together in a virtual community with hopes of someday gathering together again. God bless all of you and remember to keep alive the memoru of the Passion of Jesus Christ. from Penny Jaworski, Chicago

  4. I doubt I have the right spot for adding a reflection on the mystic but in lieu of a better location I might remark that the greatest impediment to appreciating the mystic is to do so in the context of visions, miracles, elevations, prophecies, tongues, etc. A proper appreciation of mysticism focuses on things like sensitivity, perception, appreciation, insight, and the ability to read between the lines, and to relish and savor what one is about, much like what a wine-taster does in evaluating a glass of wine. It’s a frame of mind that totally comes to terms with what one is about.

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